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About Us

This is the weird section where I'm supposed to rant and rave about myself..
I'm Aysha Ferry. I'm an Idaho native and a tomboy by most senses of the definition aside from the fact that I have an undying affection for clothing. My husband's poor bank account isn't a fan of that little detail. 
Justin and I have 3 daughters and all within 3 years of each other. Our home in Weiser, Idaho is full of chaos, mess, and all the giggles you could ever dream of. We have quite the collection of children, so unique and cherished in their own way. You'll find The Branded Magnolia Co.'s collections are just the same. A little unique and all very cherished.
We spend our time outdoors. Whether we are hunting, camping, riding our dirt bikes or side by side, it's always an adventure. My husband was raised on a ranch so this next bit doesn't much apply to him but I have an extreme love for all things cattle and horse. Drop me a bottle calf and I'll keep it 'til you pry it away. All of my girls are just the same!
As far as The Branded Magnolia Co. goes;
The BMC came to life on a whim one night while discussing the latest fashion trends among girl talk with my family. It came to me all at once that this is what I need to be doing. Design an affordable, middle of the road boutique that offers a wide range of women's apparel and accessories true to the western niche. You won't find all things traditional or all things modern. You'll find an eclectic mix of both ends which is very true to who I am and how I dress.
I'm a new shop owner, please be patient with me as I'm still growing and learning in all things business. I promise to always provide you with the best quality of items I can get my hands on. If I do have something on hand that I'm not a huge fan of, you'll be sure to know about it before ever purchasing. 
We here are a homegrown, small, family oriented business and will do our best to provide each and every one of you with the utmost care in customer service.
I can't wait to start getting to know all of you and vise versa.
Aysha & Company